Terms and conditions

Those who use the services of Fermoselle S.A. make up a community of people who like to express their opinions on different thematic areas that we propose about certain products, services, realities, preferences and value judgments that are important to us at the time that certain actors in society, public or private, make your decisions.
In order for you to be able to express those opinions in an authentic and sincere way, we take the protection of all your personal data very seriously. These terms and conditions are the rules and guidelines of coexistence that will govern your relationship with us, allowing you to participate in our surveys.
We reserve the right to introduce future changes to the terms and conditions without prior notice, so we recommend users to periodically visit this section of our website. The terms and conditions to which you are voluntarily adhering are the following:
• You must be over 18 years of age to use this website or have the authorization of your parents or legal representatives, or have sufficient capacity in accordance with the applicable laws in your country of residence.
• The same natural person cannot participate more than once in the same survey invited by Fermoselle S.A. by mail.
• The email account that you detail is personal and non-transferable, being forbidden the information manipulated by third parties.
• Fermoselle S.A. reserves the right to supervise the veracity of the basic personal data provided by you (Name, surnames, gender and age).
• Good faith, authenticity and sincerity are our main values. Participation in any study, survey or forum is not mandatory. Your participation will always be voluntary and spontaneous regarding the theme proposed by Fermoselle S.A.
• Fermoselle S.A. declines any tax responsibility that the members of this panel fail to comply with as a result of non-declaration -if mandatory- of the economic incentives or gifts received.
• Collaboration and/or participation in the studies does not imply any type of contractual or employment relationship with the members of Fermoselle S.A.. It is a voluntary, spontaneous and sporadic contribution with no obligation to participate.
• Fermoselle S.A. reserves the right to cancel without prior notice those participations that fail to comply with the operating rules set forth herein. Members who were discharged due to non-compliance with one or more of these rules will not be entitled to receive the amounts that were accumulated in their account.

Privacy Policy
We guarantee that, by voluntarily participating in our activities, you will be able to exercise all the rights granted by the Data Protection Law. All the information you send will be treated with the strictest confidentiality.
This information will be used solely for market research and never for advertising purposes. Your strictly personal information will not be disclosed to our clients or third parties.

• Create or upload illegal, threatening, harmful and insulting content, or that incites violence or advocates crime.
• Publish content that contains viruses or that may damage the computer equipment of Fermoselle S.A. or third parties.
• The participation of the employees of Fermoselle S.A. members of your immediate family and affiliates.
• Transmit to third parties information obtained through the website or your participation in our surveys.
• Reproduction of all and parts of the survey questionnaire. You agree not to disclose texts, images or videos that you receive or access through the website.
• Breach these terms and conditions.

Access to your main information
Once your data has been sent to Fermoselle S.A. on its website you will have the right at all times to access, rectify, cancel and/or oppose them. We do not sell, rent, or disclose information that specifically identifies you to third parties without your express prior consent.

How We Use Your Information
We may use your information for the following purposes:
• to maintain your account;
• to market and provide the Service to you;
• to send email invitations or text/SMS alerts to participate in surveys;
• to determine your eligibility and match you with surveys;
• to interpret the results of our survey;
• to send you points and rewards;
• to provide background information/demographic and response information to our clients on an aggregate/anonymous basis;
• to send you information about your relationship or transactions with us;
• to notify you about new features or offers on the Service;
• to process and respond to your questions;
• to improve our offers and create new offers;
• to enforce the legal terms that govern your use of the Service; and
• to manage and troubleshoot the service.
• We may aggregate and/or de-identify the information collected so that the information does not individually identify a specific user. We may use de-identified or aggregated data for any purpose, including providing interest profiles or demographic sets, providing survey response information, and for customer research and marketing purposes. We may share this data with third parties.
• We may send you emails after you register to invite you to participate in or alert you about our surveys, to award you points and rewards, or to send you newsletters, updates, and other service or administrative notices.

Survey responses and other presentations.
If you participate in or apply to participate in surveys, we may request certain additional and supplemental information from you. Participation in these surveys is completely voluntary. Information requested typically includes background/demographic information such as zip code, age, spending habits, or information about hobbies, interests, employment status, and product ownership ("background/demographic information") and answers to questions and issues of interest to us and to our customers ("response information"). We also collect any information you provide by completing and submitting an online form or by contacting us by email or postal mail.

Lower service
You have the possibility and the right to unsubscribe as a Fermoselle S.A. member. whenever you want.

Contact us
If you need more information, have any questions, complaints, comments or suggestions, or if you want to receive the personal data we store about you in writing, do not hesitate to contact us via email.

Prize Draws
The invitation is open for all those participations considered valid and adjusted to the terms and conditions (hereinafter the "Participants") to participate in the draw, not being able to do so those who were excluded for any reason attributable to the sender of the survey. Fermoselle S.A. reserves all rights to request the information or documentation necessary to verify that the participants meet all the necessary conditions to be considered a natural person correctly included and/or beneficiary of the prize.
Participation in the promotion will always be free of charge, not requiring the prior purchase of any product or service. Only: a) one participation per natural person is allowed; b) those sent through the official method designated in the promotion.
Fermoselle S.A. will not accept participation and are automatically excluded: a) participations that are generated automatically by computer or any other similar system; b) are completed by third parties or massively and; c) are illegible, incomplete, fraudulent, altered, reconstructed, falsified or manipulated.
The start and end date to formalize participation are those specified in the special terms and conditions of each of the surveys sent to you by Fermoselle S.A. Participations received after the end time will not be taken into account.
In the same sense, the prize (its amount: always the equivalent in national currency of the beneficiary) will be determined and individualized in each survey, which may be verified in the conditions and terms of each particular promotion or survey.
It will be a requirement for admission to the prize draw that the survey: a) provide truthful and accurate information; b) is complete and legible; c) is delivered before the day and time of completion. Any technical failure in sending the survey will be under the sole and exclusive responsibility of the natural person acting as sender, being Fermoselle S.A. other than technical failure of computer hardware or software, server, network or satellite failure of any kind or due to data entry errors or omissions in a survey.
A winner or several winners will be chosen by Fermoselle S.A. in accordance with the applicable selection criteria and on the date indicated in the special Terms and Conditions that each survey will indicate to you. The winner(s) will receive the prize(s) indicated in the Terms and Conditions of each particular survey.
The winner(s) will be notified through the medium and on the date specified in the terms and conditions of that particular survey. In the event that a winner does not respond within the period indicated in the Terms and Conditions, Fermoselle S.A. reserves the right to select another winner and award the prize(s).
The prize(s) will be sent to the winner(s) by the means and in the most convenient way agreed by Fermoselle S.A. and the winner, within 30 days of notification of the winner(s), unless otherwise specified in the Terms and Conditions for that particular survey. The winner(s) is responsible for providing complete and accurate contact information in order for the prize to be received by them.
Entrants are deemed to have accepted and agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of the promotion at the time of entry. The Responsible Party reserves the right to deny the participation or delivery of the prize to any person who fails to comply with the Terms and Conditions of the promotion and/or survey.
The winner is responsible for any obligation to declare the prize to the relevant tax authorities and to pay, accept or pay any tax, fee, withholding and/or expense of any kind, which by virtue of the application of tax regulations may be applicable. , leaving Fermoselle S.A. exempt from liability in this regard. Any other cost that is incurred, in addition to those mentioned above and that are incidental to the fulfillment of the prize, is the responsibility of the winner(s).
Fermoselle S.A. reserves the right to void, cancel, suspend or modify the Promotion when necessary at its sole discretion.
By entering the promotional survey, participants confirm that they are eligible to participate and that they are also eligible to receive the prize. The winners accept that Fermoselle S.A. may use your name, likeness and city or country of residence to announce the winner of this promotion and for any other reasonable promotional purposes and without consideration or payment.